If you need complex ideas rendering in easy-to-understand language, if you need professional jargon-free communications in plain English, if you need safety advice free of waffle and consultant-speak, then you have come to the right place.

Please contact me nick@houghlife.com and 07851 001940.

My name is Nick Hough. I am an able and experienced writer of good English, a communicator, a technical adviser and a safety professional. I worked full-time from 2005-2022 for IMCA, the leading trade association representing the vast majority of contractors and the associated supply chain in the offshore marine construction industry worldwide. Since 2022, I have continued that work on a part-time, consultant basis.

I have high level experience of the maritime and offshore industries, and am accustomed to working with senior management, safety professionals, HR professionals and senior engineers. I gained great experience in offshore and engineering safety, training, and competence, working offshore from 1988-2004.

People read my work and they say, “I wish I could write like that“.

If you’re interested in my private writing please browse to www.plateroom28.blog, where you will find book reviews, articles, stories, trip reports from decades of mountaineering, and much else besides.